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  1. B

    College, apprenticeship or what?

    21, Looking at getting into plumbing as a career. What’s the best route? I was working full time, but I am currently furloughed. I was looking at doing one of these fast track courses, having to pay nearly £8k. After reading on a few forums that these aren’t worth it, you don’t get the proper...
  2. C

    18 y/o looking to start a plumbing apprenticeship.

    Hi everyone, I'm 18 years old living in Central Scotland. Have been looking for apprenticeships online quite frequently but obviously because of the virus there are near to no vacancies at all. If anyone is looking for a future apprentice near Edinburgh/Stirling area please let me know...
  3. A

    Need advise for apprenticeship Interview with Centrica

    Hi all. I have an interview for a gas apprenticeship with Centrica next Tuesday. I have prepared using the STAR method and the values on the Centrica website but what else could I do impress the interviewers. If anyone has worked with British Gas in the past please do give me your experience...
  4. J

    Is 32 too old to get into plumbing?

    I'm 32 years old and have been working in a chemical plant for the past nine years. Before that I worked for a tiler for two years as a helper / apprentice and having been made redundant from the chemical plant recently I've been doing the tiling full time. My plan was to start with small jobs...
  5. A

    Please Help! Whats The Latest Gas Textbook for NVQ Level 1-3

    Hi I am new to the forum, this is my first post. I apologise if its in the wrong thread and if its been answered. Can anyone please advise me what are the recruitment cycles assuming there is a general one for the sector, so that I do not waste time. Any practical advice will be appreciated...
  6. T

    25 y/o in Essex looking for Plumbing apprenticeship

    Hello plumbers ! I’m looking for a career in plumbing, I’m enrolled onto a C&G level 2 diploma in February 2020 and looking for someone to take me on as a trainee/apprentice. I’m 25 and live in Essex willing to travel to London for work. I hold a clean driving license, I’m a fast learner as well...
  7. T

    Apprenticeship at 25 ?!

    Hello everybody, my names Toby I’m 25 from Essex and I’m looking to pursue a career in plumbing/gas installation etc. I’m currently signed on for a C&G 6035 level 2 diploma starting in Feb lasting 6 months. I’m trying to find a way into the plumbing industry as after wasting the earlier years of...
  8. C

    New member seeking apprenticeship.

    Hello all, I'm Carlo, 30, Essex currently studying C&G 6035 Level 2 in Plumbing Studies and seeking an apprenticeship to start in June.
  9. Trynaplumb

    Finding an apprenticeship south wales

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and I don't know if this is allowed or has been asked in the past. I am 31 and for years have been searching endlessly to obtain a plumbing apprenticeship. I've tried plumber merchants loitering, sending out letters and making phone calls. Can anyone point me in...
  10. Joshua

    I think I just nailed an apprenticeship

    I had been ringing round companies for a bit, looking to be taken on. A woman from Lomax Training had got back to me as we exchanged emails (Btw has anyone heard of this company before?). I was told I would get a "level 2 qualification" once I was done, not sure if that's an NVQ or what, but I...
  11. plumb_know

    apprenticeship opportunity near maidstone, kent

    We are looking for apprentice to join an increasingly busy plumbing & heating company based Near maidstone in kent. Wage will depend on age & experience, working hours can be varied Monday - Friday. Pension if entitled will be offered. We are only looking for punctual, well mannered and...
  12. H

    Started plumbing apprenticeship - should I be paying income tax?

    Hello! I've recently started an apprenticeship with a local plumbing company and had a super quick question. do I have to pay any income tax on the money I make? I'll know exactly what I'll be paid at the end of this month but I don't think it'll be a huge amount because I make about £140 a...
  13. J

    Are college diplomas worth it for getting into plumbing?

    Hello everyone. I'm 22 and want to get into plumbing. I can't seem to see any apprenticeships to apply for in my area (Newbury) but I can see my local college do Level 1 & 2 diplomas in plumbing. I have applied for a level 1 course and I am going to have an interview with the college next week...
  14. A

    Looking for apprenticeship in Hull

    Hello nation, is anyone looking an apprentice in Hull. At the moment planning to start plumbing study (2nd level) on begin of september in Hull college, but as a better option I am looking for apprentieship or part time job during my study. Thank you for your advice and suggestions. Pm me for...
  15. plumb_know

    Apprenticeship opportunity near maidstone in kent

    Hi Everyone, looking for new apprentice, we are based near maidstone in kent. please send CV to [email protected] Must have great time keeping, neat & tidy, keen to learn and hardworking.
  16. K

    Apprenticeship Needed in London

    Hi, I'm based in East London I have my full drivers licence with no point and I have my own tools I'm reliable and trustworthy and have a can do attitude always, I'm willing to travel with the London area if necessary, I currently hold the Level 2 C&G in Plumbing and I have obtained my Water...
  17. N

    Looking for a Apprenticeship (North East)

    I'm currently doing plumbing in college and I do really enjoy it and would like spend more time learning as I only have it 3 times a week, and it's not exactly working in a real plumbing environment either. I just want to know if anyone is willing to help me out?
  18. A

    Advice on ways of getting qualified other than standard apprenticeship route

    Hi guys after some advice, I’m a 28 year old qualified carpenter who has always done plumbing work also. I am now looking to go into plumbing full time and currently work weekends for a plumbing company, he’s happy to train me up and in the new year take me on full time hopefully, but because...
  19. C

    Apprenticeship level 2 plumbing

    Hi I am looking for a new employer to complete my nvq level 2 plumbing folder. Temp or permanent work. Willing to work on unpaid. I need a couple of weeks work. Looking for someone in the blackwood/newport area
  20. O

    Experienced mate looking for work in domestic plumbing

    To whom it may concern. Good evening, I hope you all are well? I am eagar to offer my hands and time to shadow or mate a plumber in London. You will benefit from my experience as a labourer with experience in domestic plumbing. You will also be happy with my punctuality and reliablity...

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