1. P

    Yet Another Boiler Losing Pressure Issue

    Looking for some help here - not my boiler, so consider me a proxy. I'm also by no means a heating engineer: I'm just looking for pointers, as the owner of this boiler is now caught firmly between "not us", "not us" and "not us" - nobody will take responsibility, and just calls into question...
  2. D

    Can I add another radiator on this microbore manifold?

    I have what appears to be a single pipe system? with microbore manifold downstairs, and I'm assuming another upstairs under floorboards, both with 3 radiators. The photo shows the downstairs manifold, and looking at the way the other radiators are connected, is there any reason why connecting...
  3. B

    Cold Rad's & return cool on another rad

    Sorry I have sort of asked this before, tried professionals but not great 1st experience hence DIY attempt attempt again. 2 completely cold rad's, another one get pretty warm, flow pipe hot, return v.luke warm. (Both rad's I have manually flushed really well) Hot water works fine, boiler return...
  4. I

    Underfloor actuators working on one system but not on another?

    Downstairs I had a 12 port Hetta underfloor system installed by a plumber. Upstairs I installed an 8 port Hetta system myself using the existing pipework which had an old system on. Both systems are now fully Hetta with exactly the same components on (wiring centre, manifold, actuators...
  5. B

    Can I close my bypass rad if I keep another open?

    Sorry for stupid question but if you don't know you don't know. Can I turn off the 'bypass radiator" in the hall (has no TRV) as long as I keep another radiator, (any other, somewhere) open? Or is this bypass radiator somehow plumbed differently and must never be closed?
  6. M

    Moving the kitchen to another room

    Hello everybody, i have my eyes on a cheap house, but i would want to change some things. In the picture below you can see all the changes i want to make, but the main concern is the kitchen. Is it even doable to move it like that and what should i consider in such case? I want to have a rough...
  7. J

    Plumber fixed an issue but created another

    Hi all. Apologies if this is not the right forum to post my question. I recently purchased a house which had water leaking from the shower tray into the room below. It wasn't too bad but I could see the water marks in the ceiling. Since I'm not from the area, I got a few plumber recommendations...
  8. L

    Oh no... another boiler noise question!

    We have a Vaillant Ecotec 415 system boiler, about 11 years old. It has been serviced annually (most recently in Sept 2021) and we've had a couple of issues with odd noises in the past (once just after servicing), but these have been resolved by a heating engineer tweaking something or other -...
  9. R

    having a dispute with another installer

    Recently they flushed the system and installed the valve and filters. It is open vented cold feed and vent are in airing cupboard. No sign of safety valve on boiler, I was taught 40 years you never fitted valves on the primary circuit for obvious reasons, do i tell homeowner?
  10. C

    Changing radiator to another zone

    Hi, I have a 2 Zones for my central heating. I have attached the picture of the Zones. I wanted to move the "hallway rad Zone 2" to Zone 1. From looking at the piping. I think I can just move the "hallway rad Zone 2" pipe (thin white one) to Zone 1 so it gets the hot water from Zone 1 when the...
  11. townfanjon

    Yet another comeback from TFJ

    I thought I would call back in after a long forum holiday , a lot of new names but quite a lot of the usual suspects are still here, I hope you have all been well in these crazy times .
  12. S

    Gas pipe goes from one room to another

    Hi Guys, Had a question about gas pipes in a HMO. The gas meter is flat 1 however the gas pipe for this runs through the 2nd flat to feed the 3rd flat. The 1st and 2nd flat has its own gas meter inside. What I wanted to ask was is this allowed in terms of regs were the gas pipe goes from flat...
  13. S

    Adding another radiator

    Hi can anyone give me advice please . I have a baxi 128 combi and have 5 1m x800 k2 rads off it so is more than capable to add another . I only have 1 in the lounge and needs another. I have a 2mx800 k2 that I can fit . But my problem is the main pipes in the bungalow attic is 22mm then all...
  14. N

    Another UK Manc joining today.

    Hi Guys, Looking forward to taking advantage of your expertise. Neil
  15. G

    Yet another balancing question

    I have found the very useful Balancing Radiators post by Dotty from 2016 (Balancing Radiators Thread. -, but it doesn't say what to do with the TRVs while adjusting the lockshields in steps 7 and 8. Do you just leave them...
  16. H

    Can I add another pump?

    Just after abit of help really I've installed a 35kw Worcester system boiler in a property, over the last 6 months the customer has purchased the house next door and converted 2 houses into 1. A lot of the pipework I couldn't get in to check/change due to various reasons but the primary run is...
  17. R

    Fixed one leak. Now I have another.

    I had a leak coming from the condensate pipe coming from the boiler. I put all new pipes in and cured that leak. However now I have a leak coming from where the black seal is. I had to remove and then put it back in when I replaced the rest of the pipes. Is there any reason now this would leak...
  18. CorgiDirect

    Another Spooktastic Offer From CORGI direct

    Corgi Direct - Technical and Associated Products for Engineers - Buy a proflush Machine and get a FREE TDS Meter worth £55 ex VAT Offer expires 01/12/20
  19. C

    Another victim to the murky lair...

    Polite introduction post - not a tradesperson, just a barely competent DIYer! Lurked and learned here for a while, but am likely to be posting some (hopefully) not-too inane and under researched questions soon :)
  20. A

    Moved radiator from one wall to another

    Hi all, I'm a diy'er, and have previously tackled basis plumbing, fitting sinks, showers etcetra. I live in a two bedrooms bungalow. I have today moved a radiator from a side wall to under the window. This is to allow a bed to be placed on the side wall instead of under the window. All pipework...

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