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  1. M

    Replace MagnaClean with another filter

    Background - I'm a DIYer but am comfortable with draining down systems, adding radiators and using flux and solder etc. So I've inherited an old system in our house with a 28mm old-style MagnaClean on the return. Both isolation valves are knackered (common fault the internet tells me!) so I've...
  2. D

    Another LIDL good buy

    My local store was having a plumbing special in their centre aisle section and I found a nice wee black bender for microbore pipe for £5.99 It's solidly built and pulls really nice bends, so was well worth the punt.
  3. D

    Yet another cheap failure

    Buy cheap and you buy twice, and you may in fact flood your kitchen in the process. The flexi in the picture burst just under the tap for no apparent reason other than in my opinion it was cheap tat. The tap itself was an Ebay purchase and felt like tin, when compared to the Bristan one it is...
  4. D

    Yet another 'how to remove this tap head?'

    Hi all, Bathroom basin hot water tap has slow drip. Want to replace the washer (if possible) but have no idea how to remove the knob head to get at the gubbins. It has no obvious grub screws 'round the back. Both knobs have always wobbled a bit and it only requires quarter-turn to go fully...
  5. M

    Hi another newbie...

    Hey all, Moz here. I'm a maintenance manager (of sorts LOL) in Stratford.
  6. B

    new baby = tado? or hive, nest or another?

    been getting some great help here on my broken thermostat. heating/boiler advice, honeywell thermostat - what is my state? i've been trying to sort out my heating system and need a new receiver and thermostat so may as well go smart. Im thinking i have 2 main requirements 1)control...
  7. A

    Hello, Another newbie here

    Hello everyone Just joined after googling some advice and it led me to this forum, which I'll be visiting quite a lot from now on. There's a few little projects I have going on so will be here almost daily I reckon. Have a good weekend
  8. D

    Another New member/ Heating engineer

    Afternoon all, new member here but have used the advice on this forum many times before. Newbie heating engineer so no doubt I’ll be posting for advice in the near future.
  9. C

    Good morning all. Another newbie

    Hi everyone, I’m just at the end of week 4 of domestic Gas training. Really enjoying the course so far but so much info to take in. Look forward to getting to know you all and I may have to pick so brains too :) Cheers all :)
  10. DaveH

    Another NEST Install query

    Good day everyone. Some very interesting reads on here regarding Nest, so thanks in advance for all those who have already posted. In short, our house is about 30 years old, we've been there about 8 years. About 4 or so years ago we fitted an OWL Intuition system which is still working well, I...
  11. Bettyboo

    How easy is to add another rad to this room please?

    Good afternoon I have 10 radiators running off my Ecotec Plus 360 system boiler. I am looking to add another rad to a bedroom so there are 2 as the one on its own is not enough. I believe the boiler should be big enough as another website said it can take 10 -14 rads. Its a real pain as I will...
  12. M

    Another toilet bodge

    I have got another toilet bodge to sort out. Looks like the pan connector has pulled out/ and or is too short. To fit correctly in to the short stub of plastic pipe that is siliconed in to the plastic pipe as it comes through the wall.
  13. turnpin

    Another one bites the dust...

    Taken aback today drove past H.M.James and son today to find the shop closed down and empty....been there in Romford Road London E12 for at least 40 odd years that I know of and you could get almost any of the older sanitary wares even the odd colours all at a price of course...will be missed...
  14. D

    Another newbie wannabe capable plumber

    Hi, I am knocking on the door of 57 years old and I have given up trying to find a plumber who can get me my shower back working properly. So I am thinking of doing an NVQ level 2 from Access training so I can do the work myself. Yes, I am that desperate now. I also hope to be able to put...
  15. G

    Daisy chaining another rad.

    Hi all. I'm new to this forum but just wanted to ask if its ok to tee off an existing rad to a small one in my bay window. The pipe run will be about 10ft. TRV is fitted on the main rad.. Pipe work will be in 10mm HEP2O. Main rad is 1400mm x 600mm and the small one is 800mm x 300mm.
  16. Alpha man

    Safe for another 5 years....

    Well, that's me re qualified for another 5 years, can go back to work now and rest the ole brain!! Lol, used Gas Train at Medway, and will recomend those guys!
  17. Jehannum

    The new CGCS compliance scheme - opinions

    Just fielding other opinions on this new gas safety compliance scheme from Capita: [sorry - link to installeronline article was not permitted] I find it confusing to have a second scheme run by the same company that runs the Gas Safe Register. The time and effort could have been put into...
  18. P

    When is a room air vent for flame effect gas fire really needed (with BS)

    Some history is that one gas engineer (who checked safety after fitting of a new gas meter) in the past said I had to have an air vent fitted in the lounge as gas fire required it, but then another engineer (British Gas) said if it is 7½ bar & below this is not necessary, so blocked the said up...
  19. P

    Metabo drone site light

    Imagine turning up for a quote in the dark with this badboy hovering round you, perfect for when the bulb has blown in the back of your van and your searching in the dark.
  20. finchy01

    Wiring problem?

    We recently installed some underfloor heating for a customer. I've not done it before so enlisted some help of another plumber friend of mine. Problem. Heating only = fine. CH and ufh= fine Ufh only = brings ch on too and can't be switched off on the room stat and rads get extremely hot. I've...