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  1. Jock Spanners

    To seal a central heating system or not?

    Thanks guys, Long story short he's read an article in the Daily Torygraph about gas boilers being phased out by 2025 so he wants to explore different options. The journalist basically said that all we need to do is change gas boilers to air source heat pumps. If only!
  2. Jock Spanners

    To seal a central heating system or not?

    Thanks. Would I need a Pex designed especially for this? I can't picture how it's piped up. Does it have two pairs of ports? I assume this would also work with a system boiler?
  3. Jock Spanners

    To seal a central heating system or not?

    This is new to me guys. How exactly do you do it?
  4. Jock Spanners

    To seal a central heating system or not?

    So you'd risk it? I don't think they can afford to spend much more than the cost of a new boiler instal.
  5. Jock Spanners

    To seal a central heating system or not?

    Good morning everyone, I have a big old vicarage which needs a new regular boiler. They also want fancy mixer taps in the kitchen . They have two hot water cylinders linked together, a shower pump and curved old radiators in the bay windows. I'm agonizing over what to do. The easiest option is...
  6. Jock Spanners

    Can anyone recommend a good tap spanner?

    I agonised about spending the money but I'm glad I did they're the dog's bollocks: https://www.screwfix.com/p/armeg-jaw-dropper-plumbing-wrench-set/99190
  7. Jock Spanners

    Rubber bungs for loft tanks

    I use the Regin kit. Wolseley sell them.
  8. Jock Spanners

    Rubber bungs for loft tanks

    Pointed black rubber bungs. You push them in and twist.
  9. Jock Spanners

    Rubber bungs for loft tanks

    I've used mine loads of time without any mishap.
  10. Jock Spanners

    Cp12 has revealed Ar issue?

    It's at risk and should have been categorised as such before now.
  11. Jock Spanners

    Leak in Tricky Position - Will this work?

    Hi John, Without a photo it's hard to say. However if he removed the boss (assuming it is ABS and suitable), cleaned it, dried it and refitted it using plenty of glue on both survaces it should be fine. The problem with most bosses it that they usually have a nut and bolt to the rear. That's...
  12. Jock Spanners

    Copper pipes and no olives

    All modern estate houses are plumbed in a hurry I'm afraid. That because the plumbers are all doing piece work which means the quicker they work the more they earn. The end result is poor workmanship. I spend a lot of my time on new estate rectifying problems like this. You'll probably have more...
  13. Jock Spanners

    Van tool theft, Stealth Tool Tracker will help you find your stolen tools

    It's a good idea. Could you do it with a variety of makes of battery? Are you going to go ahead?
  14. Jock Spanners

    Suspected leaking pipe in concrete floor

    Thanks guys. It's probably a 1930's house. The floor backs onto an internal wall. The affected area is around the flow pipe to a radiator fed from a combi. It's strange that it doesn't appear damp with the floor up but and soon as we put it back down the problem comes back. If she hadn't spent a...
  15. Jock Spanners

    Suspected leaking pipe in concrete floor

    Dear All, I need a second opinion. I have a customer with an engineered oak floor which keeps discolouring apparently from damp below. The floor is in the corner of a cloakroom and near to central heating pipes. When the floor is lifted it does not appear to be soaking wet. I suspect a pinhole...
  16. Jock Spanners

    Anyone drilling holes through joists for waste pipes...?

    I've never drilled a hole through a joist that big so I checked and found it is permissible for a 2oomm (8 inch) joist. I learned something new today!
  17. Jock Spanners

    Glow worm Ultracom 30sxi expansion vessel replacement.

    When I read posts like this I wonder why 'guests' are allowed on this forum - it should be for plumbers only.
  18. Jock Spanners

    Three Port Valve Puzzle

    It's an old Myson. My customer now informs me he had to turn the cylinderstat up to get the heating to come on.