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  1. Stu-B

    Pressure issues Ideal Logic Combi 30

    Yeah seen a few of the older logics do this
  2. Stu-B

    Hi guys. First post on here. Called out to fault on Alpha HE 33. Fast blow fuse found to have blown. Faulty fan found to be problem. New fan installe

    Could be pcb fault, water leak, pump, how do you know it was the fan. Are you qualified to be tinkering in there?
  3. Stu-B

    Multimeter recommendations?

    Anything waterproof and in a rubber case, oh and a big display with backlight is handy if you’re approaching 50 a little quicker than you’d like. ive got a basic fluke, cost about £90 maybe 5 years ago.
  4. Stu-B

    Heating engineer cost

    aren’t we just taking the food out of our own mouths here? As a one man outfit I never mention this to my customers, I’d be just sat at home while the big companies make another Gazziliion pounds to pay their fat cat CEO. On the only occasion I did, which was to a friend btw, it was a Worcester...
  5. Stu-B

    C/H pump not working unless HW is switched off

    Can you upload a few pics
  6. Stu-B

    C/H pump not working unless HW is switched off

    Yes I’m aware if that, but Is this the case here? Everything else is mentioned in the first post but a 2 port, would suggest theres not
  7. Stu-B

    C/H pump not working unless HW is switched off

    I thought 3 ports on unvented weren’t allowed, it’s got to be 2 2ports and an auto bypass. it’s to do with the dhw port being open when off that can overheat the tank. you need to get your installer back to change it That’s basics, god knows what else he’s done
  8. Stu-B

    Boilermate A class OV leak from casing seal advice

    Ive worked on a few of these and similar (Ov 2000 and gulfstream) but never seen that before, I’ve taken a few out too but never had the time or the inclination to cut the top off and peek inside. ive had a couple split due to the ballcock failing resulting in them running dry and overheating...
  9. Stu-B

    Sorry about that.***

    Chelsea managed a draw too so not all bad 😂
  10. Stu-B

    Power Shower Spare Part

    Looks like most of the spares are discontinued https://www.showerspares.com/mira_shower_spares/mira_all/mira_supajet_supajet/ Time for a new one.
  11. Stu-B

    rain water coming into Ideal Combi boiler through flue and causing main circuit board to blow.

    Is the gutter split? I’ve seen water run down the brick wall and into the boiler, also see rose bushes growing round the flue causing water to run inside. if it was a split flue, I mean split enough for a lot of water/condensate to pass from inner to outer, then the burn would be bad...
  12. Stu-B

    Logic combi

    Take the burner off and look down inside the hex, all these ideals and the previous ones block up if not serviced
  13. Stu-B

    Combi Boiler in Conservatory

    “You believe?” The installation manual will tell you for sure, are you installing it yourself?
  14. Stu-B

    BAXI Combi Instant 105e pressure

    Turn this until the pressure needle is at 1bar then turn it off again
  15. E133D814-CB36-4676-8618-23D50860D2FD.jpeg


  16. Stu-B

    15mm olive thickness

    Try some paste, that’ll do the trick
  17. Stu-B

    Electric combi boiler advice needed!

    I’ve not installed any myself but there’s an apartment block (converted school) near me and I’ve fixed a few. They’re mainly storage combi’s from EHC, run at about 50A on 10mm cable, which is about the same as a bigger end electric shower...
  18. Stu-B

    annoying pop up add on opening up

    It’s hard to filter through all the ads to get to the member posts, makes it harder work than it should be
  19. Stu-B

    Drain Valve Change Without System Drain?

    Can you freeze it? Shut the other rad valve, whip off the rad and freeze the pipe just a little distance away from the valve
  20. Stu-B

    Heating thermostat no wired up with 3 phase. How do I tell which cable?

    Also the old stat wasn’t wired up just L & N, just because that’s the colours you think are Live and Neutral doesn’t mean they are, hell I’ve seen green/yellow used as a switched live plenty of times, doesn’t mean it’s earth