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  1. J

    Vaillant eco tec 28 f28

    Hello hope someone can help. So this morning woke up to a f28 on my Vaillant eco tec pro 28.so did the usual things checked standing pressure and working pressure by three rings on the hob all good.just to be safe called cadent to check the regulator to make sure nothing was wrong on that side...
  2. J

    Anyone to help with my dream

    Thankyou my adventure starts now I will get there I’m thinking positive thoughts and some one will help me achieve this portfolio even if I have camp outside there house until they say yes
  3. J

    Anyone to help with my dream

    hello everyone thought I give this ago,I’m a fully qualified plumber nvq looking for a gas engineer to help me with my portfolio to complete some tasks.my work can supply me with some of them but I’m looking for repairs and installs really,I’m self funding myself to go on the Bpec gas...
  4. J

    Just signed up great site

    Hi everyone just signed up to ukplumbersforums great site will be using this a lot in the new year,abit about myself time served joiner but started back at college to do plumbing level 2 work are paying for my nvq which I'm working my way through at the moment nearly done the h&s and maintenance...