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    Anyone familiar with AO Smiths?

    Hi all, Struggling to find a yes or a no answer here🤷‍♂️ BFC 30 installed... gas fired and unvented. Very very limited on where I can install the temperature and pressure relief discharge.... can I tee this into the condense on a swept tee? Provided of course it’s push fit and pvc-u The...
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    Hole saw extension??

    Evening all, As per the title does anyone know where I can source an extension bar for hole saws? Scenario today: using 54mm hole saw through approx 300 mm wall made up with plasterboard with a ply backing, cavity, a layer of osb, insulation and then a brick outside wall (Obviously aware you...
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    Cylinder stabbings...

    Evening all.. Kinda a gripe conjoined with a question but does anyone know why cylinder stabbings i.e cold feed, hws return, flow and return are rarely square on a cylinder? Doesn’t seem to matter what brand I’ve come across they’re always off-set? More an annoyance than anything :mad:
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    Gas Tickets

    Hi folks, What tickets y'all have? from reading the forums it seems a great few of you are domestic qualified? (must never assume!) Just curious as to what you all have? i.e just core.boilers and fga or do you have the others i.e cookers and fires etc etc? I'm both domestic and commercial...
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    Howdy All!

    I suppose it's about time i stop lurking in the shadows and say hi! that usual cliche; long time lurker first time typer.. Been in the plumbing/pipe-fitting game for around 5 years now although mainly commercial premises! also had both domestic and commercial gas for around a year or so...