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  1. spanner

    Shower temperature - too hot to handle!

    Probably got boiler running at lowest cycle. Be careful, legionella and waters to be stored @ 60 degrees.t te To be honest no ideas' ?? The immersion back up is probably set the right temperature, as for the blending its like the mixings taking place in the valve body and the hots the better...
  2. spanner

    Cant switch off Hot Water

    Never do ever try twisting them thingys..would rather put trunks on and get in the tank and snorkels stick a plug in the ole. Yes meant for these type systems.. Seems like its stuck open and spun off the spindle. So surprised these things still exist - and seen them in so many wrong places On...
  3. spanner

    Nest thermostat can no longer turn on heating

    So if I remember the heat - link is Linked common - Live on on the heat link to 1?? theres a call Puts Live down on 3 which is connected to the R room stat Link on boiler harness?? Might be wrong as the call on most combis the same.. Is wired like this? THERE IS A NEUTRAL WIRE IN PLACE...
  4. spanner

    Nest thermostat can no longer turn on heating

    What happens when you press the override button - on heat-link does boiler fire up ??
  5. spanner

    Worcester boiler blue light on

    Programmer Issue - Or Valve Issue/s
  6. spanner

    Worcester Greenstar Boiler

    Frost stat set to #5 Boiler must of initiated the temperature being close enough 7 degs a bit close to BRRR +or- at the actual temp When its cold and temperature reached boiler will function to prevent any freezing occurring. Yes when Green lights out - no flames present at chamber - pump keeps...
  7. spanner

    Hive Active Heating Thermostat & Ferroli Domicompact F30 combi

    How were you turning on the boiler before you added the internet heating controls?? Were there ever any existing external heating controls - Like a ROOM THERMOSTAT??
  8. spanner

    Shower pressure bounces when I try to change temperature

    BRILL...nice one.. Good to know it's working like new again..👍👍👍👍👏
  9. spanner

    Problem with Salus RT 500 thermostat

    Are ALL radiator TRV,s are turned UP to MAX or different settings in places?, hoping this,ll continue the heating to work after last shut down to dissipate. How many Rads on system? Check the timer settings??
  10. spanner

    Dribbly shower

    Sounds a very expensive bath shower mixer blending mixer shower valve but piped up incorrectly at the time.
  11. spanner

    Shower pressure bounces when I try to change temperature

    Sounds like a mixer valve blending issues - UNLESS you've a sealed or open vent type system and have booster pump added to boost your desire at the outlet?? If so .. Could be again an unbalanced at controls at the time - depending on boost - what is boosted - if boosted? If Balanced boost...
  12. spanner

    Shower pressure issue

    Unbalanced HOT / COLD wont mix . If Yuove the cold water tank still in place why not get rid of it to balance it. Sounds like the unbalanced route taken through a new combi installation.
  13. spanner

    Loss of pressure to showers only

    Personally if you've not had it looked at yet. Would ask you call megaflo / Heatrae Sadia to get one of their tecs round to have a look? Depends? Levels?.. Wheres the bathroom and kitchen to where hot water cylinders sited? What size is cylinder?
  14. spanner

    Removing Cistern from Bowl.

    depending on flushing type. If overflows built in type overflow and removable flush valve.. try getting a steel drill bit and drill through center of bolt from inside the cistern to weaken bolt a bit
  15. spanner

    URGENT What lead lock do i use on pipe 1inch in diameter.

    9 OR 11 LBS Go for 9 or 11 LB Lead Loc which I thinks 3/4" 22mm copper quite a large one
  16. spanner

    Multimeters By Fluke

    Get What you pay for with FLUKE it seems. They're all out there Loads of capacitance.
  17. spanner

    Multimeters By Fluke

    Saying that ,FLUKE is worth it. But their range is so HUGE and with the FLUKE 116 and its HVAC. But Rally cant see a reason to purchase as I only do AC - resistance - continuity task. Current meters a digital budget multi-meter - guys keep saying when you getting a FLUKE Never knew I went on...
  18. spanner

    Hi ALL At the Forums

    Hi to ALL been a LONNNNNNG one. Fingers toes hope all are well getting through this pandemic, coping and being safer than safer.
  19. spanner

    Boiler Advice

    Worcester Bosch - Vaillant - Baxi - Potterton
  20. spanner

    Multimeters By Fluke

    Any recommendations on the FLUKE 113..as know WAY am I going for the FLUKE 116 I keep hearing is the engineers multimeter.. REALLY?? 113 Half the price and does the trick? Resistancd True RMS Voltage Continuity Think the only goodness is the FLUKE 116 is it has temperature. - NO NVC??