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  1. spanner

    Hi ALL At the Forums

    Hi to ALL been a LONNNNNNG one. Fingers toes hope all are well getting through this pandemic, coping and being safer than safer.
  2. spanner

    Multimeters By Fluke

    Any recommendations on the FLUKE 113..as know WAY am I going for the FLUKE 116 I keep hearing is the engineers multimeter.. REALLY?? 113 Half the price and does the trick? Resistancd True RMS Voltage Continuity Think the only goodness is the FLUKE 116 is it has temperature. - NO NVC??
  3. spanner

    Communal heating.

    Had a customer call today about low water pressure and sent a pic of the installation. Obviously get these by the dozens. Surprisingly turn up to an old 1970s communal heating system that's pitting and degrading gradually. Whats this system if anyone recognises it. Thing is I think it's a...
  4. spanner

    Three port wiring question

    Hi guys. Hoping for a quick Three port answer. When wired to programmer tined switch?,is this the common wire to cylinder stat??. As what I'm trying to retrieve is when the water is used and goes below set temperatures to fire up boiler. Just trying to get heads up about the wiring again. This...
  5. spanner

    do we have the right to request

    Was doing a certificate of a rented empty property for landlord. Just I'd asked to see the last certificate as it was an old boiler from 2010, no CO alarms, no bonding etc and looked bit shabbat Asked for the last certificate and he's asked me for my GS "number" I Must be able to request...
  6. spanner

    Bosch GAS 20L SFC Wet and dry vacuum Feedback

    H guys. I'm about to buy the bosch wet and dry vacuum cleaner £200. Small compact ideal for me. Anyone know or recommend really good wet and dry vacuum with a good blow function. As the Bosch GAS 20L SFC Is an astoundingly £200 and has a 5* rating - but only by one buyers feedback...
  7. spanner

    HEAT LIKE S24 Compact

    Got called yesterday over "boiler won't stay alight" Hasn't been serviced since fitted seven years,? Has to keep topping up with water every month? Looked all around at first and seems okay, Removed front cover to see a puddle of water below burner either from primary flow or back of grub key...
  8. spanner

    Tha Apprentice 9pm

    Ive been watching last week's ep. The plumber saying he's a good girls bloke to the billionaire bird and there's a smirk on her face when the cameras on PMSL. He might win ! And her with him a all! Jheez
  9. spanner

    900x900 shower tray black Friday

    Anyone need a shower tray still boxed with all . Bargain £10 I've attached the photos. I it's the boxes on the right there are two of PM me and you'll probably have to collect If NOT local.
  10. spanner

    Heatline Vizo 24/28 manual.

    When you've a service or inspection and there are no manual or instructions with user, where would I upload one. Looking through bing and Google and have to subscribe and pay onlineboilermanuals.com.. Also this is ID. Correct??
  11. spanner

    UKPF tee shirts

    Where's the order line for the UKPF Tee shirts. Just the Mrs asks me there's no order line. Lolz I said you had to be plumbing to get hold of one.
  12. spanner

    UKPF GSR forum rules

    Can't believe it. Woke up this morning thinking of a really bad dream. Had to do another ccn1 with UKPF I was on my laptop sending over my details to "gasman" then I'd had this white screen of 100 questions.... THEN. I woke up ! What a nightmare.. Actually made me bring my book to work today..
  13. spanner

    S3 firegun Anyone seen one of these gadgets.

    Bought it on amazon £50. Thought it was as good as the extreme turbo torch. Used once and the flame went star shaped and the piezo ignition has failed. Went to Toolstation and tried the nozzles and they'd both completely different. But that learnt a lesson about buying online . Going back to the...
  14. spanner

    potterton Gold Combi (HE code E100)

    Had an awful day. Had a Tennant call me the gauge was going on the red. And making noise. Called potterton. They Said it was the return filter. Prior had removed the expansion vessel. Was okay no sign of water and had little air. Recharged 0.7bar. Refit Reset. Turned on. Then the flow pipe gets...
  15. spanner

    must I clean magnacleans on boiler service?!!

    The other day was doing a inspection. The guy says that the last time he has the boiler service the engineer cleaned the system filter (magnacleans). Is this the job for the engineer. As. I find doing this task ( breaking the seals) can cause the seals to leak no matter how hard or tight you...
  16. spanner

    TF1 or GOLD FILTER (same thing) ???

    Is this the TF1?? Reason is that the replacement rubbers are needed and it looks the exact as all the rubber seals are well perished and Coul get the rubbers from b&q wickes, Homebase anywhere today.
  17. spanner

    power flush

    I'm looking for a decent power flushing unit at a good price.. any offers??? Kamco preferred, and the decent CF90 I'm able to get brand new for £500
  18. spanner

    mixer taps

    This was done a few month ago.. a friend said if possible to to put in his new tap.. so instead of taking out the old taps he'd rather have the lot working so I said "no problem " and charged £40 to cut the the hole fit the tap and got paid £100 - £60 tip..lolz.Shift+R improves the quality of...
  19. spanner

    15mm water mains feed too small

    Hi guys. Never done this before. Have an unvented hot water cylinder to go up in a loft conversion and think I'll have to dig from the mains stopcock as the existing is old lead (7 1/2LB) 15mm and needs to be 22mm and feed back into the downstairs kitchen and up into the loft, connecting to...
  20. spanner

    Test installation volume HELP For ACS

    Gas test installation volume HELP Hi to all. Need a refreshing equation help for working out the volume of pipework VP and VF and VM as I've tried to get it but I'm getting the wrong results Let's say you have 3m of 22mm copper pipe the given volume per meter is 0.00032 3x32=96 Then decide by...