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  1. K

    Where does the withdrawal of 6189 courses leave me?

    6189 level 2 is still available. In fact there's funding for adults
  2. K

    Gateway into Plumbing at 39 years of age

    Never said you should, just that there's no legal requirement
  3. K

    Gateway into Plumbing at 39 years of age

    You don't need any qualifications legally to call yourself a plumber
  4. K

    Advice on Which course to do

    6035 is the diploma, 6189 is the NVQ. 9189 is the apprenticeship qualification, available only in an apprenticeship
  5. K

    Finishing plumbing NVQ

    There 6189 level 2 is still available. The apprenticeship has changed but the 6189 both L2 and 3 are still available
  6. K

    Technical certificate 6129

    Hi It won't count towards the 9189 as only evidence of quals achieved in the last five years can lead to exemption 6189 is still available The end point assessment is only if you are doing the 9189 as part of an apprenticeship The 9189 is only available for apprentices so I'd advise the 6189
  7. K

    Central heating not working 3 port valve?

    Hi all, Not posted for some time but come up against a small problem. Been off the tools for many years now but I think I know the issue but looking for some reassurance Boiler isn't firing when programmer and room stat is calling for heating, but does for HW. It's a Y plan system, new house...
  8. K

    Bathroom installation skills

    I wouldn't dismiss certificates ormtraining courses, experience is important but it isn't one or the other but both which support development of any skill or trade
  9. K

    CoNGLP1 course material not provided

    Buy your own book?
  10. K

    Mr Plumber Horror Story

    Eh? They learn all the technical side Seven years wouldn't be supported, it would b ignored
  11. K

    Mr Plumber Horror Story

    I have often asked for a license scheme, your right the issue is costly and difficult to police, but it could be done. Electrical have one, not compulsory but works very well. To get a card to practice you should prove qual she and experience, allowing the qual to test skills and card to check...
  12. K

    Mr Plumber Horror Story

    USA has numerous different models, it changes with each state but what is fairly consistent if the trade test, usually related to theory based state building laws. Problem with using the apprenticeship as the measure is you say after it you know everything, you don't, you know enough to work...
  13. K

    Mr Plumber Horror Story

    Gas is already licensed through GSR. If inspections where made for each install it would be very costly. I think licensing could be done after say 5 years in the trade, so if you are an apprentice you get your license one year after finishing, but for shorter courses of say 2 years you need...
  14. K

    Mr Plumber Horror Story

    Interesting thread and insights into current training. The 6035 has a disclaimer required to be signed by pupils identifying that the qualification does not lead to competence or a short cut into gas etc. this has been in place for years and I suspect it was to stop miss selling. I think two...
  15. K

    NO One wants to be a plumber??

    In their own houses? Are you sure? Be careful not to scaremonger if you don't have evidence or only seen this in exceptional cases
  16. K

    NVQ Portfolio

    Remember you need to demonstrate to an assessor you have done the required work and it meets the standards, so there isn't a set amount of photos required, just evidence to prove what you have done
  17. K

    How many plumbers also do electrics?

    As it says, how many do electrics? is it components and electrics associated with plumbing? or do you also do house wiring? Just trying to get an idea across the board
  18. K

    What are the requirements to do a NVQ plumbing level 2 ?

    Two different things NVQ is a hybrid qual, college and site based Diploma is college based but different to the NVQ That said they are pretty much the same content
  19. K

    Cert/level 2 C & G exams. Help!!??

    Yes the electrical unit is very large, you know who sets the content don't you? It's the sector skills councils, often people think it's the awarding body's