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    Water cylinder re heat time

    Going on this basis, lets say it takes 5.5 hrs roughly to heat 250 litres with a 5.2kw immerser. We are going to have 2x 6kw immersers going, which will bring it to a total of 12kw heating the water so you would usually get roughly 40 litres of hot water an hour based on 5.2kw heating it. If...
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    Water cylinder re heat time

    Hello all, i am doing work for a customer who has asked me what the reheat time of a 250 litre cylinder is. To be honest after all the years of doing plumbing this is a question that i have never been asked before because usually if you need a hot water cylinder then it is what it is, you just...
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    Should I expect my towel rail (non electric) to be fitted like this

    Any decent plumber when quoting for the job would have brought this to the customer's attention when discussing what they want fitted. The customer is the layman the plumber is the professional, simple as that. Personally i would have just cut the microbore in the wall and converted it inside...
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    Hunter Genova Pipework

    I came across this for the first time yesterday, i have seen something similiar in the past when i was an apprentice but that was a long time ago. Just thought that i would put this up so as to help anyone out there that may come across it. Its plastic pipe that takes cold main, in this...
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    To seal a central heating system or not?

    If it were me, I would just put the ball in their court. I have had a conversion from gravity to sealed go badly in the past with radiators pin holing. Go through with them about the benefits of a sealed system (I would probably go with the invented route rather than the combi) tell them of any...
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    Plumber has caused leaks throughout the house

    To be fair, we had a very similar experience recently where we had drained an unvented heating system. 2 days later we got a call to say that water had came through the ceiling. Dont get me wrong, we were maybe a bit more complacent than normal because the house was a gut out and getting...
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    What is the blank at the ball cock for?

    Ding ding ding, we have a winner haha nice one mate, it has always had me wondering. Glad I have an answer to this after all these years wondering about them, thanks
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    What is the blank at the ball cock for?

    I know what you mean, but there was never an F&E tank in as it is a dry electric system that is in place. It's really strange because I have seen it a lot in different jobs and I can't understand why it would ever be there, someone will hopefully give a belter of an answer as to why it was done haha
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    What is the blank at the ball cock for?

    Been a plumber for many years and nine times out of ten when changing a ball cock at a tank there is a tee rather than a bend, the tee then has a blank at the end. Anyone know why this is? I am always just taking the tee out and putting a bend on because it is simpler but the more I see this the...
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    FFS , one ish hour syphon swap , yer right

    Ive only seen one of these once and thats when i was an apprentice and too young to appreciate the educational factor of it, seen the tradesman fit, didn't pay much attention and now i regret it because i just know i'm going to come across one of these in the future
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    How to change ceramic disc cartridge

    Hi, instead of trying to find the ceramic discs, would you be interested in maybe changing the tap itself? If so and you can take the bath panel off and have a look at the setup,take some pictures. I'm sure me and the rest of the lads could try and keep you right. At the end of the day, if you...
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    Combi + Delayed Hot Water Options?

    Try not opening the tap fully, if you open it say a quarter of a turn then your giving the boiler a chance to heat the water. If you open it fully then the water is flowing through the boiler too quickly and is not able to heat it sufficiently. This is one of the main complaints with combis...
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    Utility tap has a small leak from the handle

    In my opinion, if you know how to turn the water off before this valve i would turn it off, remove this faulty stopcock and replace with the same type, stop cocks of this sort through age and from being turned on and off several times throughout the years develop problems at the packing gland...
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    Bathroom room thermostat

    Hi i don't have any experience with the product that you have shown but i'm just thinking, if your second heating zone stat has to be in the bathroom then why not just make it an ordinary stat? the only time it might get warmer and cut out is if someone is in the shower and the bathroom becomes...
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    silt in logic condensate

    Cheers that would be very i helpful i suppose, as i said before im just starting boiler breakdowns, servicing and such, spent the majority of my time previous to this doing bathrooms etc
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    silt in logic condensate

    ok, sound