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    Tee basin into shower waste?

    Hello, have a 4m run of 50mm pipe for the shower. The layout of joists, closeness of corner walls etc mean that it would be very helpful to be able to add the basin waste to a swept tee in the shower waste and this could be between 300-800mm from the soil stack . I've read elsewhere very mixed...
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    Soil stack/waste connection different manufacturers pipe differences

    Hello. I'm connecting a long run of 50mm solvent weld waste pipe from a shower to the stack (compliant with regs hence 50mm). The soil stack branch is Hunter and I bought a Hunter solvent weld boss adapter to fit on it. However, the waste pipe (Floplast I think)is a loose fit in the adapter...
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    Bath tap heads - unusual type

    My father's bath has unknown make tap heads, which turn one way for the side filler & the other for the shower. The heads are a bit like upside-down saucepans but with rectangular block handles - the saucepan look was everywhere a few years ago IIRC (a bit like the pic 😂). However AFAICT...
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    Waste pipe diameter?

    Hello, I'm installing a shower tray on a 4m run from the soil stack. Building control have specified 50mm pipe so that's what I've got. However, the 50mm pipe means that the only way they would allow a hole of this diameter through the joist was to put a doubler on it, which is OK, but just...
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    Which wall hung frame make?

    After careful consideration, we're still going for a wall hung loo, with a large tiled removable access panel. I'm not interested in an unbranded cheapie - this is definitely an area to get the best. I've seen a lot of positive stuff about Geberit, but on my last post an amount of negative...
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    Boiler "moaning" noise on heating water

    Hello, We have relatively recently moved in, and from the start, the boiler randomly makes a long moaning sound for maybe 30-45 seconds. I have uploaded a recording to ttp://www.spidery.talktalk.net/misc/boiler1.mp3 It only does it when the controller calls for HW. I have not yet been able to...