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  1. Ted808

    How do I get the lid off this cistern?

    Sometimes the buttons come out with a little flat screw driver tucked in the side.
  2. Ted808

    Morning Everybody - Hope all is well? - What have we got on, how are we all doing?

    Having a weird time, no work then work but worried about catching virus if I go. Been self employed and so had the government grant and that will help. The future feel so uncertain, and just when I was hoping to build up enough business to take on an appy to do the work my knees won't let me do...
  3. Ted808

    Trade MAstermind webinaar

    Hey there has anyone signed up to Josef Valentine's (winner of ***..that um *** apprentice prog) Trade mastermind yet? I watched his live webinaar about two months ago. In which he said there was limited time offer on his expertise and mentoring package. Lot's of yada yada about how good it is...
  4. Ted808

    Can a dripping tap be too old to fix

    The heads might be difficult to get off, gently tap from below with a hammer, going around in turn and wiggle wiggle! After you've taken the retaining screw out of the side. Also, put a tube- I use a extra big socket spanner- put it on the spout and then your spanner on the nut of the tap body-***
  5. Ted808

    eco friendly, water awaste

    Oh well guess i'm the only nutter 🤪
  6. Ted808

    eco friendly, water awaste

    This virus epidemic has thrown all consideration for being economic and eviromently friendly out of the window. I see so many plastic masks floating about and I'm guessing a lot of them land up down the the pan, not to mention the gloves, and use of water to wash hands- 20 sec more of running...
  7. Ted808

    Filling Loops - are they ever removed?

    I see them connected nearly all of the time- I like to disconnect and if they don't have caps, put some caps on. I had one where it had been secretly dripping and turned into a right nightmare. I also know that a lot of the time it saves a call back if it's air that get's dislogged and then the...
  8. Ted808

    Looking to sell a mybuilder account

    Where are you based?
  9. Ted808

    How to remove a Stuck tap cover

    stanley knife...carefully
  10. Ted808

    any one work for PLumbers Point LTD?

    I thought the same, the only thing is that there's no paperwork to sign up! Clue to the validity of this job>
  11. Ted808

    any one work for PLumbers Point LTD?

    Apparently they pay within a few days of the job- I'm not 100% convinced it will be worth my while- £30 an hour and it could take half an hour easy to faf with paperwork and take payment *** via customer ringing through to the office and paying over the phone- then I need to take my own payment...
  12. Ted808

    any one work for PLumbers Point LTD?

    Hi has any one worked for these guys? I'm looking for extra work and they offer £30 an hour jobs, parts you supply and charge for separately, self employed basis obviously. What do you think? Hopefully work will be local only at that price!
  13. Ted808

    Siphon continues to leak from lowlevel WC.

    Simple is best when you know how !
  14. Ted808

    Fault finding . heat pumps . Taining . experience

    Can anyone recommend? ***. training in heatpumps, books or web links on fault finding said heat pumps and a good place to get some experience- I'm looking to expand my knowledge. I've done a taster course a few years back at colledge but that info has rusted in the back of my brain.
  15. Ted808

    Opening upstairs rad reduces noise in downstairs rads !

    I would put in a bypass if you don't have one, the bypass in combi boilers are often not quite adequite for more rad's or the pipe layout offers too much resistance, or something I don't know! I did have major issues with noise in a system and after many head scratching hours and seeking...
  16. Ted808

    Siphon continues to leak from lowlevel WC.

    This is so annoying! I feel for you! I would put some ptfe around the thread, but the seal is betwwen the flange of the siphon and the cistern, so it's down to the washer- have a look at www.toiletspares - I've found it to have the most unusual spares and help identifying what you need. In a...
  17. Ted808

    Hot water but no Central Heating with young children

    Yes agreed but I have cjhanges the motor and then had to go back to change the head so.***. 50/50 it doesn't always worktrying to save the customer money, and difficult to justify a second charge.
  18. Ted808

    How long can it take to replace a fully back-to-wall WC pan?

    I whole heartedly agree with all the points above- imagine: you charge a "reasonable rate" and the job goes really well - better than you expected but there's one slight snag, the rubber on the pan connector is slightly off centre- manufactured like this, you don't notice, as your price/ time is...
  19. Ted808

    Hot water but no Central Heating with young children

    Turn the power off, then only turn heating on, listen for the gentle wurrr, if not move the lever over and feel the pipe, it should warm up. You will need and engineer if this doesn't work.
  20. Ted808

    Happy Birthday, Ted808

    Unexpected smile from these wishes, thanks guys- Dan and Shauncorbs