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  1. clarky101

    Landlords cert....again

    Hi, done a Landlords cert on a 3 year old Logic Plus Combi which though out so much co that my fga went off the scale. Told landlord, capped gas, attached warning notice, wrote all down on cert , landlord getting Ideal in as its in warranty ******.now is the cert chargeable ? Or do I charge...
  2. clarky101

    Good luck with that!!!!

    Was in the local Graham's today chatting with the manager & the assistant manager comes over, " can you help this lady" so I walk over to a women holding part of broken plastic WC ballvalve... " its broken & leaking how much to fix it" she asks " if local about £**" says I doing a Jim Bowen...
  3. clarky101

    Aqualisa Visage.

    Fitted one of these a couple of weeks ago and got a call last week saying that mid shower they get a cold blast of water.***.went back checked data cable was plugged in properly....it's a combi version working off an Ideal logic plus and has been put on to the combi version inside the...
  4. clarky101

    What's a good Heat Only boiler?

    Got a customer who's lost confidence in there Potterton Suprima & was wondering what's a good Heat Only replacement. Fitted a fair few Logic plus combi's but don't know how the heat only stands up. Viessmann is another but not keen on Worcesters, never dealt with Valiant, so what do your guys think?
  5. clarky101

    Direct 120 litre unvented cylinder

    Took out one of these last week, guy said it was put in 18 months ago, so i've got a Stelflow 120 litre Direct unvented cylinder, expansion vessel & bracket, cold water inlet set. Its not a slimline more a 36" x 18" ish. If anyones interested in making an offer just pm me. I'm down in Bexhill...
  6. clarky101

    At last...

    Seems a lifetime ago since I damaged my wrist back in January, but I now have a date for the op for the 19th June...unfortunately I've got to go private or i,ll have to wait til September.*** 4/5 months rehab after which will be hard but it's been that til now....this years a write off, work...
  7. clarky101

    WHOAHO...time to give it all up

    As if.*** another scammer.*** Mr. George David ([email protected]) Add to contacts 15:00 From: George David Email: [email protected] Request for Confidential Business Relationship I know that this will come to you as a surprise since we...
  8. clarky101

    Saniflo advert

    Just love it...click ya fingers basement becomes a kitchen, click ya fingers a shower room is instant....smug git in his bib n brace... preferred it when Bob Geldolf and reverend Bono clicked there fingers an someone died.***.hopefully the smug git...
  9. clarky101

    Flues & balconies..

    Gotta price a job up in a first floor flat, at the mo it's just storeage heaters but the guy wants a combi....the only wall in the kitchen that the boiler can be mounted has a balcony above....now I've seen this before where the flue is extended past the balcony but it was a top floor flat and...
  10. clarky101

    Horse meat in burgers

    With the horsemeat in Irish burgers scandal happening, I decided to check the burgers in my fridge.****** and there off!!!!!!!!!
  11. clarky101

    Van Smashed.***

    Going to pick my stepson up from a garage tonight, driving down a country lane when my Transit was smeared by an oncoming VW transporter taking out the complete drivers side from the drivers door all the way through to the lights even my magnetic sign has been ripped in half.***.drivers door...
  12. clarky101

    Unvented problem

    Got a Gledhill 180L slim unvented cylinder passing water through the tundish, now this was fitted in december 11, custards a bit of a knowall & played with the valve on the expansion vessel when it passed water about a month back....so i reset the vessell to 3bar & today hes phoned saying its...
  13. clarky101

    Denver Plumbing