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    Hard water filter for shower

    I have just had to replace a Wickes electic shower; the new one is a Mira Sprint multifit. The installation instructions say that a water treatment device is required if water hardness is over 200ppm; otherwise the guarantee will not be honoured. My water is rated a Very Hard, so I guess it's...
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    Boiler not getting hot enough

    We moved into our current home in June. The heating is supplied by a 10 year old WB Greenstar CDi 37kkW combi boiler. I had the boiler checked by a local 'Registered Professional Gas Engineer' engineer who has serviced my son's boiler for many years. He said it was working correctly. So far it has worked OK, getting the house up...
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    Boiler advice needed

    I moved house three weeks ago and now, for the first time, have a combi boiler - it's a WB Greenstar 37CDi. Among the documents given to me is a Service/Maintenance Certificate dated January 2019 whichsays that the boiler is safe to use. Attached to it is the output from a FGA which gives these...
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    Forum Help not provided.

    Why is there no help provided to explain how to use the Forum? For example: I can find no instructions how to attach a file, which has already been uploaded and is therefore listed in"Your Attachments", to a post I am writing.
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    Heat loss from pipes

    Many heatloss calculators make an allowance of about 5% for the heat lost from uninsulated pipes. So, in my case with 13kW of rads there would be 650W lost from the pipes. If you search for "heat lost from uninsulated copper pipes" you will come across a lot of info on the subject. But they all...
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    Posting Pics

    I know this is not the correct Forum, but I can't find an appropriate one or the webmaster's email address. I can no longer post pics and don't know why. My post count is well over the minimum required and I have posted pics in the past. Can anyone help?
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    Why can't I post pics anymore?

    I used to be able to post pics, but now I can't. Posting Permissions says: You may post new threads You may post replies You may not post attachments You may edit your post pics How can I get posting attachments, which presumably included pics, turned back on?
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    TRV4 - what is this?

    I know what the columns headed Kv and Kvs are all about, but what is the last column, headed "a (2k)"? On some leaflets it is labelled with a Greek alpha.
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    How old is my Grundfos pump?

    I have a Grundfos Selectric 15-50, which looks similar to the current version but with one significant difference: the speed control knob is white and the numbers are on the flange of the knob and appear in a slot cut in the black surrounding. The only numbers I can see are:983484 and U327...
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    Drain valve problem

    I am trying to drain my system but am having problems with a leaking drain valve. It looks similar to the left picture; there is no knurled nut as in the right picture. The problem is that, when I undo the square headed stopper, more water is coming out round the stopper than through the drain...
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    Jumping Display

    For some time now the screen display has been jumping up and down. It only happens when I am on the website. The movement is only an inch or two, but it makes reading the posts difficult; and typing a reply is even harder. It appears to be caused by the adverts at the top right of the page...