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Terry Love Plumbing & Remodel DIY & Professional Forum

It seems that this is the go-to forum for American plumbing and remodel advice whether you’re DIY or a professional plumber. His forum looks good. It seems very DIY oriented though so perhaps our forum is a refreshing change? We’re mostly professional plumbers, and we’ve been providing advice to DIY. Rather than DIY plumbers providing it to other DIYers. Terry Love Plumbing Forum What can we offer that Terry Love …
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PlumbersForums Merch is starting to come in! – Win some in comps soon

Some test merch is arriving. Have more coming soon. We will be doing some competitions soon so you’ll have the chance to win some PlumbersForums Merch! We have some for TilersForums and ElectriciansForums too. We’re delivering some special Polo Shirts to Construction Week and will be handing those out on the FixRadio stand just before the TradesPerson of the Year Awards 2019 – Which is on Wednesday at 4:30pm 🙂
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DIYDoctor | DIYnot | UltimateHandyman – DIY Plumbing Advice – Why it can be dodgy!

DIYDoctor | DIYnot | UltimateHandyman – DIY Plumbing Advice – Why it can be dodgy! – There are a lot of advice websites for DIYers out there. The advice is sought by DIY doing a project on their home. And it is provided by other DIYers that have done something similar in the past. THE ADVICE IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST ADVICE – Why? Whilst some jobs carried out by …
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Corgi Direct Sponsor

Corgi Direct sponsors, the plumbing advice website for professional plumbers and gas engineers alike. Corgi Direct have supported the forum for a while now, we’ve only just got the blog area up and running. So you’ll see quite a few posts regarding news you already know. Apologies about that. Corgi Direct supply a multitude of really helpful professional plumbing equipment, workwear, tools, labels… (working on this)
GeneralPlumbing NewsPlumbing SuppliesProfessional PlumbersRemodel DIY gets a new homepage!

Not only have we changed our domain name recently, we’ve now got a new homepage for our website. And that’s what it is now, it’s a website, with a forum. And also a blog, and also a directory, and also a video area. We’ve now got enough things to call it something other than a forum. Even though we have the name 🙂
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Google Advertisements During Testing Phase

We’ve always had Google advertisements, since the day we began. Though now we’ve switched domain names from to .net, we had to reapply as a fresh brand new website so we’ve had no Google advertisements for some time while we waiting for approval. Now Google has approved our site, we have limited records on which pages and threads work well for us, and the advertiser, at the same time. …