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  1. spanner

    Communal heating.

    On purchase of the dwelling the buyer was given a handbook of notices and numbers I've been told. Will investigate later on. As for heating isolation before touching any primaries ill have to see what the measure is before going any further. What's funny is the tenant is more bothered of the...
  2. spanner

    Communal heating.

    Seen it all the time. Just what's the point of just adding a universal hot cold pump to boost bathroom for showers when this!! This is a first I've seen on an old district heat system.
  3. spanner

    Communal heating.

    Never took a pic. Dominator on return "I think"Will do later this week as the initial call was for low water pressure at thd hot cold bath basin outlet and no pressure when shower attachment goes up little above bath height. To my surprise to find they'd just bought the place and I discover...
  4. spanner

    Communal heating.

    Had a customer call today about low water pressure and sent a pic of the installation. Obviously get these by the dozens. Surprisingly turn up to an old 1970s communal heating system that's pitting and degrading gradually. Whats this system if anyone recognises it. Thing is I think it's a...
  5. spanner

    water help no hot water

    When it's in hot water on from programme, with cylinder start set to 55-60 boiler should fire. Probably heads gone on actuator or fault with motor or three port wiring
  6. spanner

    Welcome to the new forum and web address!

    It's been aeeeges. Got notified of the pf update and here. Live too..
  7. spanner

    Welcome to the new forum and web address!

    Wicked news..Well did boys preps admins mods the lot.. Its deffo onwards and upwards
  8. spanner

    Three port wiring question

    Hi guys. Hoping for a quick Three port answer. When wired to programmer tined switch?,is this the common wire to cylinder stat??. As what I'm trying to retrieve is when the water is used and goes below set temperatures to fire up boiler. Just trying to get heads up about the wiring again. This...
  9. spanner

    Room thermostat - replacement

    I'd practice changing the light switch first myself.. Just make sure of safe isolation and adhere to manufacturer instructions.
  10. spanner

    Howto calculate radiator size for room

    Then is it a single or a double rad?? Boiler central heating: What temperature should a house be? Should you turn yours up?
  11. spanner

    Advice re: adding wireless thermostat to existing system

    It's doable. Just insist a competent nest or hive installer.
  12. spanner

    Indirect cylinder heating problems

    Check emitters are all okay might need a tweek of a bleed after topping up the f&e.
  13. spanner

    Hot water staying on all night despite controller being off

    If valve is "sticky" would lead permanent live to boiler "switch live"(and pump over run..).depending on wiring and or the hot water stat on the cylinder isn' Closing on satisfied. Check your hot water cyl stat should be set to 60 degrees. Call an engineer out?
  14. spanner

    Central heating / hot water problem

    Need a two chann programmer and maybe a few extra wires
  15. spanner

    Working out the weight of lead main

    Cant remember exactly As far as..taking a piece of string wrapping around the lead pipe exactly twice Measure the length of string in cm multiply and devide by something it gives you the LB of lead in weight..

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