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    Need to solve issue with shower

    Much colder water coming into the house?
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    A little help with sludge busting please?

    Thank you @moonlight!
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    A little help with sludge busting please?

    Hi all, We recently moved into an eight bed victorian B&B. Th previous owners had a very, very relaxed attitude to maintenance and improvement! We have found two radiators that have leaked (perforated), suggesting inhibitor wasn't used for some period. On removing one on the ground floor, it...
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    Shataf not working properly, help needed

    Thanks for the answers guys, I am now aware of the issue, although I wouldn't put the douch into the water, I can see that there could, potentially, be an issue. I think I will be able to install a tank in the room above, this will prevent any threat of contamination and also solve the pressure...
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    Shataf not working properly, help needed

    Not arguing here, but can you please explain why it is any different to the tap that sits just a couple of feet away? It is also connected via an iso valve, and although it operates at the turn of the tap rather than a trigger, it's the same?
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    Robust mobile phones

    I had a CAT 31 for a few years and it was brilliant, upgraded to a CAT s61 with the thermal imaging but have since left the trade so I don't use the TI at all, bit of a waste of money I suppose but the phone is brilliant, dropped it in the sea many times, have used the underwater camera a couple...
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    Shataf not working properly, help needed

    Can you elaborate?
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    Wanted, someone to fit cylinder stat in Conwy

    Hi, Our new house has no thermostat on the cylinder so our water is scalding hot all the time. Anyone interested in this little job?
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    Shataf not working properly, help needed

    Morning all, I recently moved house and miss my shataf (hand held douch spray for washing my backside after using the toilet) I bought one from Amazon but once connected to the mains via an isolation valve, the hose gets very pressurised and becomes stiff and the trigger becomes difficult to...
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    Am I a mug working for this amount?

    @John Downes , just go travel bud, best thing I ever did, all the mortgage/wife/kids can wait till you are older and wiser