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  1. plumb_know

    Pressure drops when AAV open

    Hi, never heard from the customer again so assume it was the AAV, close them now once i have vented the system. All i can think of was that the system was deteriorating and giving off gases which were being released by the AAV, i did repair pin holes in pipes under concrete previously so were...
  2. plumb_know


    Growing plumbing & heating company based near maidstone in kent, looking for reliable and experienced gas safe heating engineer & plumber/heating engineer. van, uniform, PAYE & pension provided plumber 30-32k per annum - mon-fri gas engineer 38-40k per annum - mon-fri send me a message if...
  3. plumb_know

    Delay timer for heating pump

    spoke to couple of electricians and they both said they thought perm L should be on A1, then found these on geya website: https://www.geya.net/product/multifunction-time-relay-grt8-m1/#1615529504964-ae473fbe-54cd...
  4. plumb_know

    Delay timer for heating pump

    Hi everyone, got to the bottom of the wiring for this relay should anyone else do one. perm live goes to A1 with link to 15 neutral = A2 switch live to S pump feed on 18 thanks for everyones help
  5. plumb_know

    Delay timer for heating pump

    i removed it and wired cables into block to get customer heating & hot water back but will make sure 240v on 15 when i test it. hopefully it was just that hate the fuss of returning stuff
  6. plumb_know

    Delay timer for heating pump

    Thanks shaun, i will wire it up to plug or something tomorrow and see if i can get power on 16 or 18 in setting E. if not think it must be faulty and will try another one. Thanks for your time helping me out
  7. plumb_know

    Delay timer for heating pump

    found this and seems to be wired correctly - think it might just be faulty unit
  8. plumb_know

    Delay timer for heating pump

    also tried swapping A1 & 18, and putting pump feed into 16
  9. plumb_know

    Delay timer for heating pump

    tried linking A1 & S still nothing
  10. plumb_know

    Delay timer for heating pump

    HI Shaun, Yes electrician on a site i was working today had a look at it and said wire it the same way you suggested in earlier thread. yes was getting 240V on A1, didnt check permanent live but fairly sure there would have been. also would have thought it would still work during normal...
  11. plumb_know

    Delay timer for heating pump

    Hi Shaun, tried installing the timer today but didnt go to plan. i believe i wired it in correctly and other functions on the device worked but could not get setting E to work. when 2 port made contact green light came on but no power to pump, i have attached some pics can you see anything if i...
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  15. plumb_know

    Delay timer for heating pump

    Thanks shaun, appreciate the help