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  1. Frelon

    Help with microbore connections!

    Thanks for all the help fellas! With your reassurances I went ahead and tackled the job and, yes it was Speedfit - easy peasy! Shortened the tails and was able to finish the project. With this sort of unit there is limited space under the work surface for a traditional "U" bend (because of the...
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  7. Frelon

    Help with microbore connections!

    Thanks for the replies and detailed instructions. Am waiting for delivery of work surface before tackling the plumbing, but will report back here with the results. I get very frustrated with posters who are offered advice and who never visit the forum again to tell of the outcome. Watch this...
  8. Frelon

    Help with microbore connections!

    Thanks steadyon, the pipe is exactly 10mm, so likely to be plastic only, makes for cleaner cutting!
  9. Frelon

    Help with microbore connections!

    Hi all I am in the process of replacing the boring sink and pedestal in my cloakroom with a free standing cabinet (with drawers underneath) and a basin on top of the work surface. The house is 6 years old and all plumbing (apart from airing cupboard) appears to be 10mm microbore plastic. I...
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  12. Frelon

    Recommendations to stop limescale

    Another vote for a salt based water softener, nothing else will sort it for you. However, there are lots to choose from and the danger is that, being a noobie, you might go for one of the cheaper ones. Buy cheap and you buy twice! Do some research, buy the best that you can afford, and with...
  13. Frelon

    Harveys softener question

    My brother was a Permutit engineer 50 years ago, so the knowledge rubbed off over the years with my 4-5 different softeners (Harvey's now). Be careful with the salt when cleaning it can be quite corrosive, especially on exposed copper work😱
  14. Frelon

    Harveys softener question

    Yes, this is called Efflorescence and occurs naturally when water, with the salt (brine) now held in solution, migrates to the surface, then evaporates, leaving a coating of the salt. You just need to clean the salt from around the salt block access. If it is possible (easy access) leave this...
  15. Frelon

    Water softener query

    For the brine regeneration you can use a self cutting waste kit. as the outflow is under pressure. However you need some sort of visual check for a problem with the brine level in your softener overflowing and going out to waste. This rarely happens but is usually an indication that a valve or...