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  1. DGT plumbing

    Not hat water Salamander pump

    Blocked filter washer.
  2. DGT plumbing

    URGENT How can we repressurize this Alpha CD28C boiler please?

    A 7mm spanner or a set of mole grips And yes they ere the correct valves.
  3. DGT plumbing

    Soil pipe and rainwater - is this set up legal?

    The downpipe has become the stench pipe as there doesn't seem to be one. You can see where it used to be. Looks well dodgy to me.
  4. DGT plumbing

    Oversized radiator in bathroom - Should I not use it?

    It's the rad where you room stat is located. Usually in the hall as this is generally regarded as the coldest part of the house.
  5. DGT plumbing

    Vented system to Combi

    I recon the boiler will be damaged from its fall of the back of the lorry it was on. Are all three of those plumbers you've had round doing it as it's only taking one day. Anyway must get back to my patient who needs his brain putting back in.
  6. DGT plumbing

    Boilers in loft - any issues?

    Mines been in my loft for the last 11 years with no issues. PCB failed last year but that was just its age.
  7. DGT plumbing

    Adey MC3 Cleaner and MC1 Protector (didn't put any in at the time of install!)

    It won't hurt to bung some cleanser in and run it for a couple of days. Drain it all out and add the inhibitor.
  8. DGT plumbing

    What is this tap and how do you remove cover?

    Apparently one of the busiest times for A&E.
  9. DGT plumbing

    new buisness struggles

    I also found that leaflet drops worked better than anything else I tried. Had a guy print them and drop them for me. He'd tell me the area in the town that I live where he was doing and I would be able to gauge the effectiveness of it. Got a better response from that than adds in the locals...
  10. DGT plumbing

    Could this have been done better?

    If your asking you already know the answer and if your still unsure, yes it could have been done better.
  11. DGT plumbing

    Silicone with an adhesive and mould resistance

    I've used Everbuild 500 for a while now available in white clear and cream and an Everbuild Power Pro gun which I recently discovered because a joiner mate was using one. Well impressed with the gun.
  12. DGT plumbing

    LDF masking gas Leaks

    Only copper ones.
  13. DGT plumbing

    LDF masking gas Leaks

    They still make Fairy Liquid you know, they use it for washing pots now apparently.