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Plumber General Plumbing Co Ltd

Plumbers in Staffordshire

Plumber in Staffordshire. Professional plumbing and bathroom fitting in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

General Plumbing Co Ltd provides state of the art plumbing services in and around Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. We have more than 180 local plumbers in the network and provide homeowners with the chance to get in one some 21st century plumbing techniques.

Come checkout our plumbers if you're looking for:-
  • Bathroom Fitters and Installers in Staffordshire
  • Kitchen Fitters in Staffordshire
  • General Plumbing Stoke and Staffs
  • Radiator Servicing and Flushing
  • Central Heating Repairs and Servicing
  • Boiler Repairs and Servicing
Come checkout some of our work, click 'More Information' to go to our website.
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Plumbers Directory Friends

We're still populating our plumbers directory with local plumbers. You can post your plumbing jobs to the forum for free in the meantime.

If you have quite a project on the go, you might also find our Tilers Directory handy to find professional local wall and floor tilers. And then our Directory of Local Electricians will be handy for those who are seeking professional qualified certified local electricians. We don't charge any of our tradespeople a penny for our services. And we don't charge a penny to homeowners either. Please avoid using CheckaBuilder type companies to find tradespeople.

They are encouraging DIYers and Firemen and all sorts of other people to pretend to be professional trades who are doing jobs wrong. And some feedback found on such websites are left by the listing owners themselves we have found, so those can't always be trusted either. You can research our members by checking their advice they have provided their fellow tradespeople over the years. We have been online since 2006. Long before checkabuilders came about causing increasing prices of tradespeople that homeowners then need to fork out for.

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This official sponsor may provide discounts for members